Andalusia will eliminate the wealth tax

With the global economy still recovering from the 2008 financial crisis and the eurozone still struggling with high unemployment rates, several European countries have put in place various measures to attract wealthy individuals who can help stimulate the economy.

Requirements for the Golden Visa of Spain

The Golden Visa program is a European Union initiative to attract investors outside the EU by offering permanent residency and other benefits. Investors who meet the Spanish government’s requirements obtain a residence permit in Spain.

What is a financial lease?

Broadly speaking, financial leasing is a contract between lessor and lessee in which the lessee has the right to use and benefit from a good or asset, in exchange for a fixed rent for a specified period.

What are business plans?

Business plans are formal documents, either digital or printed, that lay out and describe a commercial project in detail.

What is the Financial Customer Defender?

The Independent Administrative Authority for the Defense of the Financial Client, or also called the Financial Customer Defender, is an entity that comes to solve claims against financial entities in an easy and fully free way.

Taxation of Non-Residents with Real Estate in Spain

You should know that even if you are not a resident of Spain, if you own real estate in Spanish territory you still have tax obligations and there are several taxes that you should be aware of.