What are business plans?

Business plans are formal documents, either digital or printed, that lay out and describe a commercial project in detail.

What is the Financial Customer Defender?

The Independent Administrative Authority for the Defense of the Financial Client, or also called the Financial Customer Defender, is an entity that comes to solve claims against financial entities in an easy and fully free way.

Taxation of Non-Residents with Real Estate in Spain

You should know that even if you are not a resident of Spain, if you own real estate in Spanish territory you still have tax obligations and there are several taxes that you should be aware of.

Financial depopulation

In recent years, due to the digitization of financial services, Spain has seen financial depopulation, especially in towns and rural areas.

What is a project management

When you are going to start a project, its management, planning, organization and control is essential.

What are linked transactions?

You may be wondering what linked transactions are and how they are used. The truth is that they are a relationship that is made between natural persons, legal entities or between both.