Economic and Financial Advice

Our economic and financial advisory service offers advice on all occasional enquiries you may have (Valuations, Expert assessments, Reports, etc.), or we can offer ongoing tax and accounting advisory services. We can even become your financial department and/ or the financial managers of your company or business.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding tax, finance or insurance covers.

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Assessment of Companies and Businesses

We conduct Assessments of Companies and Businesses, either for their subsequent sale, liquidation, shareholders’ agreements, etc.

These assessments are conducted within a market environment and aim to highlight the main characteristics of the company and/ or business, including comparative assessments where possible, and using sector-proven and accepted methods.

Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers

Preparation of Financial Forecasts

The correct assessment of the assets included in companies’ balance sheets, the amendment of potential impairments or the analysis of their returns are some of the most characteristic situations in which it is necessary to prepare financial forecasts, either by updated discount of cash flows or other projection methods that are appropriate to each case.

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Reports on Related-Party Transactions

Related-party transactions are economic transactions between related individuals or entities under the accepted relationship scenarios established in the Corporate Tax Law (a company and its shareholders, its subsidiaries, its directors, etc.).

atresr offers the preparation of assessment reports on transactions between related parties to determine their habitual market value according to any of the methods defined by law, and mainly according to the comparable uncontrolled price method, carrying out the relevant comparison analysis.

Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers

Economic Assessment and Expert Valuation

Expert opinion in court matters and / or negotiations

In the event that a claim or any kind of litigation before the public administration, a supplier or a client need to be considered, or in the event that a request needs to be made for the compensation of damages, our consultancy service can prepare assessment reports and issue expert opinions to help you consider your claims as objective experts.

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Tax and Accounting Advice and Management

Our firm can offer you advice on tax and accounting matters that are adapted to your needs.

We can help you plan your tax policies and ensure ongoing compliance as well as keeping you informed of any regulatory changes.

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Report on Shareholder and Director Remuneration

In order to meet the legal requirements regarding the remuneration of directors-board members (art. 217 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010 of July 2nd, Consolidated Text of the Corporate Enterprises Act), we can provide our clients with the following reports that include the comparative data and market standards, subject to the nature of the relationship between the company and the shareholder and/ or director.

The case will not be the same if the shareholder and/ or director also works for the company or provides professional services to the company. Our consultancy service will study each case and prepare the appropriate report for each situation.

Financial Advice

At atresr we can help you find the finance you need for your company or business, the finance required for the purchase of assets and real estate property and with the management of refinance operations.

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Having gained the necessary experience from working with various banking institutions, we are able to analyse client risk and file finance requests with the institutions that can best adapt to the nature of the transaction.


We help with both personal and professional insurance cover provided by various insurance companies that specialise in the various risk covers. Following are some of the insurance covers that are most demanded by our clients:
  • Health insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Burial Insurance
  • Construction Insurance (Decennial, Bonding, Comprehensive, etc.)

We provide services in both Marbella and Madrid, contact us to arrange a meeting or use the contact form.