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Strategic and Financial Consulting

We are economists lawyers

  • Economic and Financial Advice
  • Strategic and Business Consulting
  • Legal advice
Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers

Strategic and Financial Consulting

atresr is a Consultant with great experience in business and professional advice, especially in the fields of Business Strategy and Legal and Financial Advice, we are Economists Lawyers.


We understand the objectives of companies and entrepreneurs and provide the operations and procedures that contribute to best achieving them, through the adequate definition of the strategy and planning required.

We have a professional and multidisciplinary team that specialises in legal, financial, tax-related, accounting, and town-planning advice.

atresr Economists Lawyers

At atresr we offer a comprehensive legal advice service on numerous areas where our team of lawyers has extensive proven experience.

Our services

Our firm has extensive experience in providing a wide range of services and innovative solutions to clients in all industries and with different budgets.

We strive to be fully aligned with the objectives of our clients, providing them our professional comprehensive support in matters of strategic, economic and legal nature.

Economists Lawyers

We are Economists Lawyers

Economists Lawyers

Our comprehensive experience in multiple business areas and solid knowledge of business management, planning, processes, models and value chain are the guarantee of our ability to offer a comprehensive consulting service which involves an overall analysis of your project and/ or company to help define your position and competitiveness in the market.

Some of our specific services in this area are:

  • Strategic Planning: Definition and Review of the Market Competitiveness Strategy.
  • Proposals to Create Value for your company.
  • Business Plan.
  • And much more … Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers

Economic and Financial Advice

Economists Lawyers

For both companies and individuals, it is vitally important to have economic and financial information and documentation in perfect condition, not only in compliance with accounting and tax requirements, but also to be able to make the best decisions regarding your business strategy and objectives.

  • Assessment of Companies and Businesses.
  • Preparation of Financial Forecasts.
  • Reports on Related-Party Transactions.
  • Economic Assessment and Expert Valuation.
  • Expert opinion provided for the purposes of court litigation and/ or negotiations.
  • And much more … Economists Lawyers
Economists Lawyers

Legal advice

Economists Lawyers

At atresr we offer comprehensive legal advice on different matters where our team of lawyers has extensive proven experience, such as Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Legal Advice on Visas and Investor Residence Permits, Applicable Regulations to Non-Residents, Town Planning Regulations and Legislation, Legal Framework in Markets regulated by the State, etc.

  • Legal advice on investments and purchase and sale of real estate.
  • Application for Visas and Investor Residency.
  • Company Incorporation papers.
  • Legal advice for the development of your business activity.
  • And much more … Economists Lawyers